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Atypical, festive barge in the Marais

The Marcounet Barge,

all year round

The green bridge

All year round, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the Seine, the Pont Marie and the quays from the deck, which is entirely planted with vegetation. For a drink or dinner, escape to this floating garden in the heart of Paris.

The hold

Renowned for its live concerts and late-night parties, La Cale has plenty of surprises in store for you in summer and winter alike. Fully modular, the space can be used for seminars, lunches or workshops during the day, and transforms into a club at nightfall with live music and DJ sets!

The docks

In summer, the quays are home to a 500 m2 terrace and more than 5 concerts a week! Cocktails, tapas, organic wines... Parisians and tourists alike gather here in the late afternoon to enjoy a drink, dance, remake the world or unravel the night! From April to October, it's undoubtedly the best place to chill out all day... for those who like it.

Our team is like family!

Of course, Arnaud is in charge of the musical programming (among other things!). When it comes to music, he's sharp... and his guitar is always close at hand!

At his side is Eric, his partner of 20 years! You'll see, he's never far away to make sure things run smoothly.

For Zoé, the Operations Manager, it's different: she was born on the barge (yes, really!). So she knows it by heart, pampers it and will do her utmost to make your visit a memorable experience!

Freshly arrived, our chef Madjid gives a particular color to the menu.

But there are also Saafi, Schana, Lorenzo, Marion, Nino, Lila, Kande, Inès, Nikola...

Our other location

Le Son de la Terre is the temple of jazz and world music on the Seine, at the foot of Notre-Dame de Paris. On the program: Cuisine d'auteur & festive restaurant, live concerts and DJ sets with "Le Son de la Nuit", Thursday to Saturday from 10pm to 2am!