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sun June 9


Tcha Limberger (Violin - Vo) - Jérôme Etcheberry (Trumpet)
Dave Kelbie (Guitar) - Sébastien Girardot (Double Bass)

"The Viper Club is a quartet that revives the duo of Stuff Smith and Jonah Jones, the famous violinist and trumpeter who created joyful, swinging music in the second half of the 30s at the famous Onyx Club on New York's 52nd Street.
The Viper Club's "frontline" is made up of violinist Tcha Lumberger, an award-winning multi-instrumentalist and virtuoso who is equally adept at interpreting Hungarian folk music and top-flight jazz, and Jérôme Etcheberry, recognized as one of France's finest trumpeters, whose latest albums, "Satchmocracy", vibrant tributes to Louis Armstrong, have been unanimously acclaimed by the press.
As for Dave Kelbie (g) and Sébastien Girardot (b), they are among the most renowned rhythm sections on today's jazz scene.
The Viper revisit jazz standards such as Ballin' the Jack, My Blue Heaven, Lawd you Make the Night Too Long, Swanee River, After you've Gone, Undecided, Baby Brown, My Walking Stick, Wabash blues... freely inspired by the recordings of Stuff Smith and Jonah Jones.

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