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thu 28 tue

Sultana & Solveig

Sultana and Solveig. Two singers, songwriters and composers, whose music inspires travel, nourished by cross-fertilization. The two women share the same sense of sisterhood, generosity and the desire to sing together and perform on common stages.
These two artists, with their contagious smiles, have distinct but complementary musical colors:
- Sultana's mix of world music and chanson, inspired by a subtle combination of island rhythms and her warm, sensual voice, in French and Spanish with a hint of Arabic.
- Solveig's poetic pop, with its mix of folk, soul and ethnic genres, and its lyrical flights that caress the soul.
Sultana has released her third opus, "UNI VERS ELLE", with a highly symbolic title in homage to love, Nature and Mother Earth. Ten compositions in which the artist celebrates the themes of freedom, love, awakening, transmission and friendship, weaving the indispensable link between feminine and masculine, Yin and Yang.
Solveig presents her EP "FACE À FACE", songs delivered with sincerity and infectious joy. Under her hat, the two-faced singer, at once sunny and melancholy, likes to tell us her life stories, which she retranscribes with strength and sensitivity. In short, a little gentleness in a rough world.
Immerse yourself in a sensory journey as you meet these two singers with their bewitching, crystalline timbres.

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