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sat 20 Jan

Poil O'Brass Band

A dazzling fanfare of fluffy good humor!
Thanks for being hairy!

Founded in 2001 at the ENS Lyon, the Poil O'Brass Band (commonly known as POBB) is based in Paris and has been keeping audiences dancing for years, wherever they are, whether they're 5 or 77! Our ranks are made up of some twenty highly skilled amateur musicians from a wide variety of backgrounds, playing above all for fun, conviviality and a love of music as a group. But the Poil O'Brass Band is also you, it's us, it's the public we thank a thousand times over, our friends who come again and again to support us, our peerless sound engineers, it's the bars, stadiums and concert halls that welcome us with open arms... in short, the Poil O'Brass Band is all of humanity!

Pronounce "Poualobrassebande" and enjoy the subtle thu of words, too often misunderstood, between "poils aux bras" and "Brass Band". Comprising around 15 musicians per concert, we alternate between compositions and covers in a wide variety of repertoires: French chanson, Reggae, Klezmer, Funk, Disco, Pop-Rock.

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