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fri 26 Apr

Lulu and the comets all stars

Cross the ring road and head due south, towards ZOPAL City, the Dirty South where Lulu & The Comets operate, the most "All Stars" of suburban brass bands.

On stage or in the street, Lulu & The Comets All-Stars have been playing Funk, Jazz, Hip Hop and groovy sounds straight from New Orleans for 20 years and 2 albums.

Swayed by ten sturdy lads, whose talent is matched only by the power emanating from a killer rhythm section (Drums & Sousaphone) accompanied by a brass section worthy of Treme (trumpets, saxes, trombone), Lulu & The Comets All-Stars' good groove and well-placed flows give you the itch and an irresistible desire to shake things up on the dancefloor.

For the rest, Free your mind and your ass will follow...

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