Mardi 29 Mars : Nati James

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  • mardi | 29/03/2016
  • 8:00 - 11:00

Nati James is a leading jazz and improvisational vocalist, composer and flamenco dancer. After graduating from Bill Evans Piano Academy, as well as completing her BA in Music in Paris in 2005, she continued her studies at Cachan conservatory, graduating in 2009 with a Musical Degree in Jazz (DEM).

Nati James teaches music and singing classes, as well as running master classes, directing choirs, and giving workshops on vocal quality and energy. She has performed with the “Nathalie James Quartet”, in a variety of prestigious venues across Paris (Sunset, L’Estival, Café Universel, Habana Jazz Club…). She has performed as a vocalist for “Urban Sax” (La Cigale, Holland Dance Festival…) in France and abroad, and was invited to take part in the recording session for the Carine Bonnefoy’s upcoming album with the “New Large Ensemble”, due to be released in 2014.

Her musical search has led her to follow her origins to Andalusia, in particular Seville, where she studied with the greatest flamenco masters: Los Farrucos, Juana Amaya, Carmen Ledesma, Juan de Los Reyes, Adela Campallo, Ursula Lopez, and more. As flamenco dancer “La Nati” has performed in a wide variety of countries including Spain, Dubai, Ecuador, England, and France where she starred at the Festival Arte Flamenco de Mont de Marsan, in 2013. Recently, She received the second price of « bulerias competition » in Nimes. She has performed with artists of high calibre such as Jose Mendez, Manuel Cortes Vega, Fyty Carrillo, Anton Fernandez, Jero Férec, Manuel Gomez, Cristo Cortes, Paloma Pradal, Melchior Campos, Juan Manuel Cortes, Ana Barba and Emilio Cortes to name but a few.

Composer, Jazz singer, and a « Flamenca », Nati James composed, conducted and created her orchestra,the Nati James Orchestra. Her first Jazz fusion Album « Nati James Orchestra » is preparing, with artists from Andalusia and France.

EP Nati James Orchestra, The 10th of October 2015.

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